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What to do before riding your new x18 x19 Super Pocket Bike

What to do before riding your new x18 x19 Super Pocket Bike

Once you get your new Venom X19 Super Pocket Bike from Venom Motorsports Canada there are some things you should do before you ride.

How to assemble your Super Pocket Bike

1) You want to unpack it and check for damage. Second you want to assemble what is needed and you can find that in the manual provided. Assembly is mandatory…it requires you to connect the battery under your seat then bolt the seat back on and it requires you to put on the front facia with the headlight.

2) You want to drain all the oil from the engine and put high quality motorcycle oil. The oil in the bike is fine to use but it is highly recommend you change it for best performance.

3) Now you want to check the air pressure in the front and rear tire. Most riders use around 30-32psi. 

4) You want to now check all the bolts and nuts on the bike to make sure they are still very tight. It is highly recommend you Loctite them. Check the handlebars, all the bolts on the body kit, the tires, and the chain. These bikes all come factories tightened and might not need to be tightened but for your safety, you are responsible for performing a complete safety check and making sure all of the essentials are tight. If anything gets loose due to vibration while riding, our warranty does not cover the damages!

5) Next you want to find the fuse holder located on the bike and check if there is a good fuse inside. Due to mass production some of bikes are missed and forgotten to put a fuse inside (this happens less then 1% of the time). Make sure the bike has a good one installed or else it will not start...you wont even get any electrical power.

6) Look at the fuel line coming from the gas tank and going to the carburetor and make sure it is fully connected and tight. If it is, you are now ready for a ride. Fill up the gas tank with 91 or higher gasoline. Regular gas is fine, like the 84, but premium is recommend.  

7) Before taking off and going for your first ride you want to get to know the bike and know where all the buttons are and how to use them. Especially on the x19 you want to make sure you know where your gear shifter is and how to properly up shift and down shift. You also want to familiarize yourself with the foot break because the foot brake is stronger then the hand brake. The left handle bar is the clutch if you have the manual version and the right hand brake is the front brake,

   -Move the bike back and fourth slowly with your legs. You want to make sure the front and back brakes work.

   -Turn on your headlights, use your signal lights, and make sure the horn works.

   -Put on your safety gear such as helmets, gloves, and jackets.

   -Hold the clutch in and go through the gears and make sure you know how to up shift and down shift.

   -If everything is working good, you have your safety gear on and you know how all the buttons and clutch works, you are now ready for your first ride.

8) Put the key in the ignition and turn it to right. This will turn on the digital speedometer on the x19 and display your speed, millage, and gear. You want to always start your bike in Neutral, which is gear 0 or gear 5. Now when you have it in neutral you want open your choke. Your choke is located on the left handle bar. Always when you are starting your bike from a cold start you want to have your choke closed. The choke is closed when you have the lever all the way to the left (towards the front tire). Once you have that, hold the right brake handle and use the electric start button to start

If you have any other questions about setting up your bike please visit us at: Www.VenomMotorsportsCanada.com or call 1-855-984-1612

To see our x19 Super Pocket Bike visit: 


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  • do you need to have a license to ride becouse im 13 dont have a lisence.

  • How old do you have to be to ride x18 or x19 super pocket bike in MInnesota and do you need a drivers license

    Sonny Thao
  • Are you able to change the speedometer from km/h to mph?


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