Starting your Venom x19 Super Pocket Bike

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Starting your 2016 Venom x19 you just bought from could be tricky for the first time. Here is what you should do:

First of all please put oil in the bike! Yes the engine has some shipping oil inside of it but not enough to keep the engine running smoothly. Put 1 quart of oil and see if it is enough using the dip stick. If not keep adding oil. Recommend oil is 10w-30

Put it in neutral pull the choke up(so it engages and stays up until the engine is warm) turn on the key on flip the red toggle switch on the right handlebar to the ON position (Off has the X through the symbol, On has no X) pull in the clutch lever and then push the YELLOW electric start button (has a little lightning symbol in it) which is under the red toggle switch. Only hold for 1-2 seconds. That should turn the engine over. Be careful...the battery has only enough juice to attempt this a few times...if you do it too often, you will completely discharge the battery (it needs to run and fully charge the battery). You may need to purchase a 12 Volt charger to fully trickle charge the battery. If you can't get it electric started, do the same steps as above, but do not hold in the clutch lever, and then kickstart it (not too vigorously). Once you get it started, let the engine warm up for 3-5 minutes before letting the choke knob go back in to the down position. The bike is fully warmed up if it stays running with the choke down.

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