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110cc x19 Venom Super Pocket Bike Routine Maintenance

110cc x19 Venom Super Pocket Bike Routine Maintenance

So you Just purchased your 2016 x19 mini pocket rocket from Www.VenomMotorsportsCanada.com and are wondering how you should maintain it and why?

Why do routine maintenance on your Venom x19 Super Pocket Bike? This vehicle is a motorized vehicle.  Just like your car, it will perform better if you perform routine maintenance.  There are a few things you should do on a regular basis to keep your bike in good working order:

Oil Change: Change the oil at least once a month, more often if you are logging many miles, especially in dusty environments. Simply put, you cannot change your oil too often. 

You also need to choose quality motorcycle oil for your bike. Regular automotive engine oil is not recommended. Motorcycle oils are formulated to work with wet clutches, like these bikes have. Automotive oil can cause the clutches to slip, resulting in a severe loss of power in some cases. There are many different motorcycle oils available in petroleum based, and fully synthetic varieties. Be sure to use petroleum-based oil for the first few tanks, no matter what type of oil you plan to run afterwards. 10w30 and 10w40 synthetic motorcycle oils are the most popular choices for this style of engine.

Air Filter: You should check your air filter every few oil changes. If it is dirty or airflow appears to be obstructed, it should be replaced.

Spark Plug: Consider pulling the spark plug out at every oil change. You can then read, re-gap, and replace it, if necessary. There is a great link below to illustrate what you are looking for when you read the plug. If your plug is worn or fouled, replace it. If the plug is still in good condition, re-gap and re-install it. Do not gap iridium plugs, they come pre-gapped. Other plugs should be gapped to .024-.028 inches.



Chain: Check the tension of your chain, and adjust it if necessary, every oil change or every other oil change. The chain should have some play in it, but not excessive play. Try to adjust the chain so that it will move about 1/2 inch up or down. Be sure to keep your chain lubricated with chain oil as well. If it becomes worn, replace it.

Carburetor and Throttle Assembly: The carburetor and throttle assembly should be checked every other oil change. Pull the throttle and make sure the carburetor is opening properly. Look for excess dirt and grease in the carburetor, and clean with carb cleaner if needed. Make sure your throttle cable isn't frayed. Check the screws that hold the bowl onto the carburetor. Adjust if necessary. The following links contain some very useful information, pertaining to carburetors.




Tires: Check your tire pressure at every oil change, and any time you can see or feel a difference in the tires. Unless you are using a racing slick, replace the tires when your tread wears down. 

Brakes: Take a look at your brakes every time you change the oil. Make sure the levers are firm. Look at the brake pads, and make sure they are not down to the metal or close to it. Push the bike and hold the brakes. Most bikes will drag the tire. Replace, bleed, or adjust your brakes as necessary.


Fuel Filter: Have a look at the fuel filter often, and make sure it isn't dirty or clogged. Replace if needed.

Screws, Nuts, Bolts: Check over the essential nuts, bolts, and screws on a regular basis. Use loctite blue if loose bolts or screws become a recurring problem. If you are really motivated, consider taking your fasteners to a local hardware store. Replace the stock fasteners with hardened, stainless, or any quality pieces you prefer. Some local stores even carry a selection of chrome fasteners if you want to trick out your ride.



Bearings: You should check the bearings from time to time. Spin your wheels to assure they operate smoothly. Turn your handlebars to check for play. If they turn too easily, you may need to tighten the forks, or check/replace the bearings inside.

Battery: Be sure to keep your battery charged. Your bike's battery will self-charge while running, but may discharge if left standing for prolonged periods.

Visit us at Www.VenomMotorsportsUsa.com for any other questions!

2016 Venom x19 Super Pocket Bike Mini Bike Pocket Rocket

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  • My bike starts n rides but my engine in not heating up like it use to… Do i need to change the air filter? Or adjust the screws?

    Mark Brooks
  • How can I make my bike look different this look is getting old and it’s kind of out of style and ideas


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