4 Key differences between Pocket bikes and Super Pocket bikes

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Pocket bikes are a miniature form of the standard motorbike, and it is their unique size which sets them apart from all the other motorsports options out there. Pocket bikes entered the market through Japanese racing events that were televised all over the world, and these racing events were specially organized for pocket bikes only.

From Japan to Italy and then to the garage of everyone’s home, pocket bikes have covered a long journey to come this far. Now there are many different types of pocket bikes that you will find in market, but all over the world, pocket bikes are mainly categorized into two variants; pocket bikes and super pocket bikes.

If you are going to buy a pocket bike for yourself or your kid then knowing the basic difference b/w these two variants becomes necessary, and this is what you will read ahead.

  • Engine

The type of engine used in both pocket bike and a super pocket bike is the main difference. If you buy a simple pocket bike, then it will come equipped with a two-stroke engine that will have the capacity b/w 50 to 100cc. But when you buy a super pocket bike, then it will come with a much bigger engine. The super pocket bike generally comes with a four-stroke engine that is more powerful than a two-stroke engine, and the capacity of these engines begins from 150cc.

You will never find the same engine in both pocket bikes and super pocket bikes. And now after understanding the difference between the engines, it’s time to move to the acceleration of the two bikes.

  • Acceleration

Since a simple pocket bike will come equipped with a two-stroke engine, it will produce more torque than all other bigger engines. And if you have read the basics of physics, then you must be aware of the verity that more torque means more acceleration. This brings us down to the conclusion that a pocket bike will be better in terms of acceleration when compared with a super pocket bike.

But when you compare the speed of both the bikes, then you will realise that the super pocket bike is much ahead of the pocket bike.

  • Manoeuvers

Super pocket bikes are much heavier and much more prominent in size than pocket bikes and therefore on the parameter of manoeuvrability, pocket bikes will be much ahead of super pocket bikes. But there is not much difference, and the main reason why pocket bikes are lighter is they are used on racing tracks, and that’s why they need to be much more flexible and easy to handle.

This is one of the main reasons why all the pocket racers out there always look for lightweight pocket bikes, especially when they are buying for the sole purpose of racing.

  • Additional features

Pocket bikes are mainly used for racing events only, and this is why they are designed by keeping the racing needs in mind. This is one of the main reasons why additional features like headlight, tail light, indicator, electric start, and horn are not installed on most of the pocket bikes out there in the market.

While on the other side, super pocket bikes are usually used on streets (only in those states where riding a pocket bike is legal), it becomes compulsory for all the manufacturers of super pocket bikes out there to equip their super pocket with all the additional features that are necessary for a vehicle to be used on the normal roads and highways.

Both the super pocket bike and pocket bike are used for different purposes, and that’s why there is a vast difference in their size, speed, power, control and additional features. So, if you are looking forward to buying the best miniature bike in the market, then you will have to analyze your purpose of buying the bike. There are many online sellers out there that are offering both super pocket bike and pocket bike at a discounted price like Venom Motorsports. Just visit the various websites and choose the best miniature bike according to your need.

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