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4 Mistakes You Have Been Making as an ATV Beginner

4 Mistakes You Have Been Making as an ATV Beginner

Riding an ATV is an absolutely exhilarating, top-of-the-world experience with a crazy rush of adrenaline and adventure running through your veins, gusts of wind kissing your hair as you zip through the forest on a beautiful trail. But anybody who’s driven an ATV knows it takes a while before you get to experience that, without compromising on your safety or fun in any way in the burst of enthusiasm. 

Riding an ATV is simpler than driving cars or other vehicles and certainly much more adventurous, but it’s not all that easy and takes some practice for all newbies. Until you get the basics right and learn to control your quad bike, it won’t be the breeze we’ve all imagined it to be. And that can take a while.

As a beginner, you shouldn’t rush or be disheartened if you’re not there yet. You have some practice to do! And it’s possible you could be making some rookie mistakes that are stopping you from having all that fun, mistakes that can also hurt you, therefore the need for caution and better practice.

So let’s look at some common mistakes you could be making as a beginner riding an ATV. Gear up, cause it’s time to get over them!

Letting your feet hang

A Lot of beginners make the mistake of letting their feet hang on either side of the bike while riding it, which can be a pretty bad decision because this can get the feet caught between the ground, or back into the tire. The bike has pegs to put your feet on and give you some traction and support. Although these might be small, do not let your feet hang. You can get nerf bars and heel guards installed when you get your youth ATV for sale from an ATV vendor.

Rolling over your ATV bike

ATVs are lighter than cars of other vehicles, so don’t have the stability a large vehicle would possess. Therefore they can easily roll over and spoil the fun pretty badly. It’s risky and can be pretty dangerous and can result in severe injury – you really don’t want to be risking that.

Let’s understand why it happens. ATVs roll over in two ways. One by looping out, that’s when you hit gas without realizing the power or throttle of the ATV. when the acceleration is greater than it needed, the front can jump up and throw you on your back. The second kinda rollover happens when you are riding in thick mud, slick conditions or on a steep slope. What’s necessary to avoid in both situations is an understanding of the power and throttle of the ATV which is different from other vehicles and control over your thumb when you hit the throttle.

Going crazy with the speed

We know you are eager to skip the kid stage and get on riding full swing but going crazy with speed is not the way! You need to learn to manage the speed and power of your bike first. Wanting to go full speed can be a very bad idea for beginners until you know how to control your ATV, so proceed with caution – go slow. 

If you push too hard on the throttle, you risk losing control of the vehicle. Next thing you know you could be looping out and end up rolling over or be ramming your bike into a tree or boulder and send yourself flying off the track. Before you jab your thumb into the throttle, get used to the power and speed of the ATV and figure out how many thumbs on the accelerator is too much. 

Overloading the bike 

Many newbies do this simply for fun without realizing the risks. ATVs are designed for two-up riding – a rider and a passenger and no more than that. And there is enough reason and logic behind not overloading – it can impact the stability of the vehicle and seriously jeopardize the safety of the passengers. More weight on the top can shift the centre of gravity and increase the chances of flipping over easily. one erratic move, a small boulder on the road and you all could go crashing. Always follow the safety guidelines and never overload your bike.


Before you hit the trail, spend some time learning to ride with caution. This will prepare you for all the fun you can have with your bike. With some practice and the right guidance, you would soon be over these common mistakes you may have been making and be on your way to experiencing a pure adventure with your bike. Just get a youth ATV for sale and get started! 

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