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5 Unknown Facts About ATV Bikes

5 Unknown Facts About ATV Bikes

You ride your ATVs and have all the fun trailing through adventurous roads and routes, enjoying your adventurous life to the fullest. We are sure you love your ATV very much and are even proud of all the tricks you can pull out on it, but how much do you know about your ATV?

ATVs have a rich history from the time they came into existence and there are a lot of interesting things about them that most riders don't know. Some of these could totally amaze you! Would you want to know a few?

You can totally woo all your friends with the knowledge of some of these unknown facts about your favorite ride. Common let's look at them:


  1. The first ATVs were 3-wheelers

    It may be hard for the kids today to imagine but the first ATV as we know it was designed as a 3-wheeler and not a 4-wheeler. It was the Sperry-Tricart which was designed in 1967 and manufactured in 1968. It looked like a tricycle, a cute little Mini ATV with large balloon tires and was called the All-Terrain Cycle. Honda made these popular back in the day.

  2. They became popular thanks to James Bond and Honda

    In the 70s Honda was manufacturing ATVs as an off-season strategy when motorcycles weren’t being bought so readily. These became a household name and hit the charts with the James Bond movie Diamonds are Forever. Although it appeared on screen only for a brief moment, the bike caught the attention of people. The movie featured the Honda US90 ATV which was also the company’s first step into the ATV market, the hit model came with a 4 stroke 90cc engine paired with a 4-speed transmission. What’s amazing is that it could easily fit into the trunk of a regular-sized car and was a perfect all-rounder off-roading vehicle. And that’s how it became the name of adventure.

  3. The first 4-wheeler wasn’t born until the 80s

    What we know as the ATV quad bike today wasn’t born until the 80s. Also, in between the earlier 3-wheeler model and the 4-wheeler model, there was another sibling in the ATV family that had 6 wheels.
    But the 4 wheeler was born soon after and ever since it came into existence it has had everybody in thralls. The first of its kind was born in 1986, brought to the market by Honda, it was called the Four Trax TRX 350 4X4. It ended the era of the 3 and the 6-wheel era with its impressive design and suspension that has had the imagination of the people and the market both captivated, ever since.

  4. ATVs were used for work before recreational use

    In the 1990s, it wasn’t city homes but farms that had ATVs. Before ATVs became such a hit for trail biking, off-roading – the modern definition of adventurous fun and sports, they were popularly used at farms, orchards and ranches as work vehicles. They offered great utility and farmers loved it. In fact, the term ATV that is common today comes from UTV or Utility Terrain Vehicle as it was known back in the day.

  5. ATVs have some unique features and mechanics


A Mini ATV is designed pretty differently from other vehicles such as snowmobiles therefore there are some unique features. Such as the ignition kill switch which is on the left side of the handlebars in ATVs. Also, there are some pretty interesting things you can do with an ATV. At low speeds, the rear wheels of an ATV move in the opposite direction of the front wheels, making it super easy to manoeuvre and park.

Also, you may have noticed that ATVs have a thumb throttle instead of twist throttles commonly found in motorcycles. Thumb throttles are a standard throttle for ATVs because of safety and other concerns. They are much easier to navigate and easy for anyone to learn quickly. When the terrains are rocky, it's much safer to operate the thumb throttle compared to a twist throttle which could easily get twisted and engaged due to the leaning pressure on the handles in order to maintain grip in such conditions. 

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