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7 Things You Want In A Street Legal Dirt Bike

7 Things You Want In A Street Legal Dirt Bike

Dirt biking is an exhilarating adventure sport many enjoy for its adventurous and liberating qualities. But when it comes to street-legal dirt bikes, their requirements differ; power is no longer everything; safety, comfort, and legality also play key roles. Here, we explore seven essential features you should look out for and four you should avoid in a legal dirt bike.

Things You Should Want in Dirt Bike

1. Powerful 4-Stroke Engine

Once upon a time, dirt motorcycles were powered by 2-stroke engines, but those days are over. Nonetheless, used 2-stroke dirt motorcycles may be easily found at low costs.

But these motorcycles are costly when you're out on the open road. The 4-stroke engine of the WR450F is state-of-the-art. With its four titanium valves and dual-overhead cams, it requires much less maintenance than the charming but dated 2-stroke engines. 

2. Wide Ratio Gearbox

A robust five-speed gearbox with broader-than-usual dirt bike gearing is standard on the WR. Its low-range pulling power is ideal for accelerating away from stoplights and hazardous traffic situations. Because you won't have to swap gears as often to maintain your power range, the wide gearing also makes riding easier on tricky off-road parts. Additionally, it works well in city settings.

3. Factory Taillight and Headlight Assembly

The Street Legal headlamp and taillight, which come standard, have a purpose beyond mere convenience. They make converting a dirt bike to be street-legal considerably easier. Installing turn signals is a breeze using the pre-existing wire harness. It would be an understatement to say that these accessories are a must-have for any dirt bike.

4. Battery and Generator

A 12-volt battery and a high-capacity generator power the WR450F's factory lighting set. Easy operation of accessories like turn signals is within their capabilities. When making a dirt bike street legal, you must consider how to avoid theft since there is no main switch or key.

That would be a much more desirable issue than the many problems of trying to upgrade or build an electrical system on a dirt bike that wasn't originally designed to support one.

5. Electric Starter

That robust electrical infrastructure likewise powers another marketable item. A Kickstarter is a lifesaver when the battery dies on a motorbike, whether from inactivity or leaving the switch to "ON" (which isn't a problem with the WR). However, the electric start is undeniably a godsend.

You are not alone in fearing cold starts or being on the whim of irate drivers if you stall off the line. Getting back on your feet and out of harm's way is as easy as pressing the start button, finding neutral, or clutching in.

6. Radiator

A large-capacity radiator is included on more recent WR450F versions. In addition, when the going gets tough, they've got an electric fan to keep things cool. Riding without a radiator means starting the countdown the second the bike stops moving while you're on the road.

It just takes a few seconds for a traffic signal to turn green in the middle of summer for anything to become too hot. On a street-legal dirt bike, liquid cooling makes this a complete non-issue.

7. Enduro Tuning

Compared to motocross motorcycles, the WR's engine and transmission are more suited to the rapid acceleration needed for trail riding. So, even while traveling at highway speeds, the WR is more than adequate. While riders used to contemporary street motorcycles may need to shift into sixth gear while traveling at faster speeds, the WR is much more comfortable in its element than the typical dirt bike.

Things Do Not Need in Street Legal Dirt Bike 

Now, we can check which hazards you're avoiding by selecting a dirt bike with all the desirable qualities rather than those that aren't.

1. Two-Stroke Engines

Some people are enamored with the old 2-stroke dirt bike because of its short power band, but riding one gives you a persistent headache.

When you're out on the road with a 2-stroke, you can say goodbye to carrying separate bottles of oil and petrol. Every corner shop probably doesn't have 2-stroke oil.

In addition, top-end rebuilds are usually necessary for 2-stroke engines somewhat more often than 4-stroke engines, and their service intervals are often shorter.

That doesn't mean a two-stroke can't be made legal for the road. That's all it takes to transform from an unreliable supermodel into a trustworthy everyday buddy with a little grease on its nails.

2. Small Displacements

Though exciting on trails, a 200cc thumper poses serious safety risks if converted to street legality because of its limited top-end power.

These small-displacement dirt motorcycles are elegant and full of energy, so they launch with enthusiasm. However, unlike most cars on the road, their acceleration becomes completely flat at very low speeds. Street riders on these motorcycles run the risk of obstructing highway traffic, which is not an ideal situation.

3. Air Cooling

If you're riding a dirt bike on a trail, you won't notice the absence of liquid cooling. However, remaining cool becomes a major concern when you enter an urban setting. One interminable traffic bottleneck is all it takes to start a problem.

An air-cooled bike will overheat if you sit stationary for an extended period. Unfortunately, lane splitting is usually the only choice—illegal everywhere except California.

4. Kick Start Only

You need an electric sta to stall out in traffic when you ride a dirt bike. There will not be more power to run the lights needed to transform the dirt bike into a road cycle. When riding a dirt bike with a kickstart, you'll have to make do with a smaller generator to power the headlights, taillights, turn signals, and horn.


Converting a dirt bike into a street-legal machine requires careful consideration of many different factors. By prioritizing essential features like safety features, comfort, and legal requirements while minimizing drawbacks such as overly aggressive features or high maintenance needs, you can reap all the advantages of both worlds - the key is finding one that matches both your riding style and needs on and off-road. Venom Motors Sports is the place to visit if you are looking for the best. Check out the best selection of dirt bikes at the best possible price.

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