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The New Venom x19 Super Pocket Bike - What it has to offer

The New Venom x19 Super Pocket Bike - What it has to offer

As you may all well know, Venom Motorsports Canada has just released the new 2016 Venom x19 Super Pocket Bike.

Click here to view it: http://venommotorsportscanada.com/collections/super-pocket-bikes/products/2016-x19-super-pocket-bike-110cc-black

The 2016 comes with upgrades that the previous 2015 model did not have. First let us start off with the fact the front fork is lower by 5cm. That was a big thing that our customers asked for, they thought the front was to high and didnt give the x19 that sporty look....well let me tell you we have answered to that and have given the x19 a lower fork that makes it much more sporty! 

Second of all, we changed the speedometer to an all new digital one! The old one was great but lets get with all the new technology that 2016 has to offer so we added a new digital one at no extra cost! The new digital speedometer displays your speed in KMH, has an odometer (great for resell to show the new buyer how many kilo meters is on your bike for higher resell value), and shows you what gear you are in!

Next we included a brand new performance CDI chip! Yes that right, more performance for the x19, not that it does not already hit 60mph! The new CDI is a "No Rev" limit CDI chip that gives the x19 10% more power then the 2015 one. It picks up faster, has more torque, and best of all gives it more top end power! The new CDI chip is a $60 upgrade that once again comes free of charge!

Lastly, Venom Motorsports Canada decided to upgrade the rear turn signals on the 2016 x19 Super Pocket Bike. The new rear signal lights have been upgraded to LED, which makes it more brighter for night time riding and makes the bike look much better!

The all new 2016 x19 Super Pocket Bike from Www.venommotorsportscanada.com is the top of the line pocket bike on the market! Nothing compares to it and to be honest no one else in North America has them!

Get yours today for only $1199 including shipping! That right free shipping :)


2016 Venom x19 Super Pocket Bike

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