How to maintain your 49cc engine (Pocket Bike and ATV)

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So you just purchased your 49cc M1 Pocket bike from Venom Motorsports  ( and want to make it last as long as possible. Maintenance is key in order to make your bike last the longest, just a like a car if you dont maintain it, it will give you problems down the road. Firstly, always, i mean always close the gas going to the carburetor after every ride. if you don't do this and the bike sits for 2-3 days without starting, the carb will get gunky and give you issues starting it. It has nothing to do with the engine, the reason being is because it is a 2 stroke engine, you are mixing oil and gas together! When oil sits in the carb too long it blocks some parts preventing it to once again close the gas to the carb after every ride. You can close it by putting the white nob on the carb horizontally. Vertical means it is open and horizontal is closed! If you want to go above and beyond and do the best for your bike, what i suggest is when your done riding to keep the bike on and close the gas to the carburetor. Once you do that hit the throttle at full speed and burn all the gas sitting in the carburetor! You will know you burned all the gas when the bike shuts off....this will take you about 1-2min to do!

Now that you do that on every ride, you wont have any problems turning on the bike! 

Another thing you should do to your 49cc M1 Pocket Bike you purchased from Venom Motorsports Canada is go over the bike every 5-8 rides to make sure all the bolts on the bike are tight.  Now the bike does have lock tight nuts on it but being the engine is attached to the frame, it does vibrate a lot causing some things to get loose, so please go around the bike before a ride every 5-8 times and make sure all bolts are tight. This will prevent things from falling off when riding and keep your bike lasting a long time!

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  • Ive never owned a pocket bike or any motorized vehicle this is my first buy.Im 6ft will this bike comfortable seat me without my knees being incredibly far out.

    Jaylon Jones on

  • Hello I was wandering I am 5"6 and I was curious if I would fit good on this bike I have road a x7 and it was perfect so if you do a a x7 or if this one will fit me pleas email me

    Steven Hussey on

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