How to PDI your bike - a Must do for online orders before your first ride!

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So you just purchased your new motorized toy from Venom Motorsports Canada (  and want to know what you should do prior to riding it. Firstly if your bike comes fully assembled (our 49cc M1 Pocket Bike) just take it out of the box and inspect it. If it doesn't, please assemble what is needed. Make sure all your bolts are tight, sometimes things can get loose during shipping so it is important to inspect your bike before riding it. So after you have done that lets put gas in it and start it up. If the engine is a 2 stroke please use the mixing bottle to mix oil and gas together! Do not put straight gas in the engine as it will seize it! If the engine is a 4 stroke please put 4 stroke 10w-30 oil inside the engine prior to starting it! If you do not do this you have a high chance of seizing your engine! To start your bike open the choke, and start it up with either the pull start, kick start, or electric start. It might take a few tries as the bike is still new and might need a few minutes for the gas to go through the lines. Once it gets started let it run for about 2-3 minuets and then close the choke. Once you have done that take the bike for a quick spin, i would say for about 4-5 minuets at max. After the first ride bring it back to your garage and inspect it everything still tight? Anything loose? leaking? These are key to inspect as they determine the life of your bike and parts. If everything is tight, go on and continue riding your bike. If not, please tighten what needs to be tightened and continue riding your this every 5-8 rides!

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