How to Clean and Maintain your Motorcycle, ATV, Pocket Bike, Mini bike, Dirt Bike

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You just bought your new bike from Venom Motorsports Canada and you want to know how to properly maintain your bike. It is also important for the following four reasons:

1) Safety
2) Efficiency
3) Durability
4) Cleanliness

Here is a guide on how to maintain your bike and how to store your bike before winter

The Chain

You have to keep it properly adjusted or else it will fall off.

How to adjust the chain tension on your Pocket Bike?

Chains will stretch over time, and if you don't adjust it from time to time it will fall off. Depending on your bike, you'll need to loosen the chain tensioners on your bike. On atv's there are 4 bolts on the rear axel, you want to loosen them a little (do not take them off, just take off the tension). Once you loosen al 4 you want to go to the tensioners and start to tighten them evenly. You will notice your chain starts to get tight. Get it to the right amount and then tighten the 4 bolts again.

On the pocket bikes and dirt bikes it is a little different. You want to loosen the rear tire a little and do the same with the tensioners. What tensioners are doing when you tighten them is pull the tire back causing the chain to get tight. Just like the atv when you find the chain is a good tight, you want to tighten the rear tire axel back up and your all set to go.

A small amount of play in the chain is ok. You should be able to move it up an down with you hand. If you over-tighten the chain it can cause it to break when riding.

Should you Lubricate the Chain on your new atv?

ATV and pocket bike chains are referred to as a roller chain. The steel pins rub inside of the steel tubes. Proper maintenance of the chain gets lubricant under the tubes and on to the pins.

The best way to lubricate is to remove the chain and soak overnight. The lubricant will need time to properly penetrate the rollers and get in between all the holes — a quick spray wont do the job correctly.

If you find your chain is very dry and need to lubricate it right away, you can get by for a day or so with a spray can and letting it sit there for 5 minuets.

How to align your chain - VERY IMPORTANT

When maintaining the chain and tightening it you want to make sure the drive sprockets on the engine and the rear sprocket are aligned. If it is misaligned it will cause the sprockets and chain to wear out fast and also causing the chain to keep jumping off. Because the sprockets are not perfectly straight, when they rotate at an angle they will keep jumping off

Worn Out Parts

Replace the chain when no matter how many times you adjust it, it just gets loose or it doesn't fit on the sprocket properly. Replace sprockets if they become very pointy

Change the oil on our ATV, Pocket Bike, and Dirt bike

Changing the oil is easy, cheap, and often neglected. Doing it on a schedule will add to the life of your kart's engine.

Oil Level

Check the oil often. You want to make sure your bike always has enough oil. If the bike does not have enough oil it will cause the bike to run rough as it is not smooth on the inside and also cause the engine to fail. The oil in the bike is also responsible for the gear shifting smoothness.

How to Change the Oil

Use the drain plug located at the bottom of the engine. Unscrew it and let the oil drain out. Once it is all out tighten the drain plug back on the bike and fill it back up with 10w-30 4 stroke oil from the dip stick. Most 4 stroke engines will take 1 quart or 1.2L

How often should you change your oil on your 4 stroke engine?

You should change the oil according the engine's specifications. Venom Motorsports recommends to chain your oil every 300 miles.


How to properly store your bike for winter

When the season ends, you'll need to do a few simple things to store your project.


Drain the gas from the tank by unplugging the gas line from the carburetor and emptying it an approved jerry can. Once it is all drained, try and start the bike and let it run until it dies out....this will properly make sure there is no more gas in the engine or bike.

Next you want to go to the bowl of the carburetor and open it up and let all the gas fall out of there. 


Check your brake and throttle cables before storing your bike. Lubricate the ends with WD-40 so they don't seize.


Best is to store your bike indoors where it is nice and warm. If you dont have that a garage is the second best option. If you have to store it outside make sure you use a cover. A cheap tarp will save you rust headaches!

When Spring Arrives

When you're ready to ride again, perform standard maintenance.

  • Fill it up with fresh premium gas
  • Make sure the air filter is on properly and tight.
  • Put fresh oil inside
  • Lubricate the chain and all engine parts
  • Make sure the chain is tight
  • Check tire pressure and make sure they have the right pressure inside.


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