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All You Need To Know Before Buying A Super Pocket Bike

All You Need To Know Before Buying A Super Pocket Bike

When it comes to uniqueness and style, Super pocket bikes are the perfect riding innovation you would ever come across. These pocket bikes are compact and smaller but stylish and practical. In fact, a super pocket bike is so productive that it can be useful for professional racers as well as beginners who are still learning to ride a bike. These bikes are incredibly light-weight and manoeuvrable and can give you an upper edge on the smaller circuits and courses. 

A super pocket bike is exceptionally comfortable with a cushioned seat, adjustable suspension system along with the convenience of electric start and kickstands. Though with so many benefits and uniqueness, it gets difficult and confusing to select the best pocket bike. 

In this article, we are going to discuss some important facts you should know before buying a super pocket bike. 

Origin of super pocket bikes

Back in the year 1946, the concept of pocket bikes and mini bikes was originated from the Doodle Bug Scooter. It was made with a 1.5hp powered engine pocket scooter manufactured by Beam Manufacturing company in Iowa. These pocket and minibikes were introduced as a new unique innovation in the biking industry which were super light, comfy, adaptable, and powerful to suit the needs of racers as well as beginners. 

This concept was highly appreciated and recognised by the masses, which led to a massive 40,000 units manufactured in the period of 1946-48. Still, this was led out in the backyards till 1960, until manufacturing pocket bikes got commercialised. 

Why are they popular?

Pocket bikes have earned significant popularity and significance in the last few years as they bring a distinctive design that is different from the regular bikes. These mini bikes with a height of approx. 30-40 inches are more of an eye-catcher and attract the attention of the masses with their creative look and extensive design. They were introduced majorly for the enthusiasm of the young generation, but have attracted great interest among adults as well. 

These bikes are lightweight, which makes them generate the extra speed of up to 65+mph on a power of 40-250 cc engine. Also, they come at a significantly less margin as compared to the regular bikes, which make them highly cost-effective for the package it brings in. 

Reason for you to buy one

The most important reason is that these bikes are the scaled-down versions of the regular bikes which come at a significantly lower rate than the standard larger bikes. Also, the bikes are incredibly light to handle and control as they possess a decent speed and a decent engine that is apt for shorter circuits, courses, and tracks. 

These pocket bikes are also backed with convenient features like electric start, adjustable suspension, comfortable seats, and ground clearance which makes your biking experience worthwhile.

Are they legal?

Well, it depends on the state and local jurisdiction you are under. Every state has different laws for pocket bikes. Some states allow pocket bikes to be ridden only on private fields and courses like racing tracks and specifically designed outdoor fields. The state of Texas and California are examples where pocket bikes are allowed only on private fields. 

Whereas there are also some states having different rules and regulations like in the state of New Jersey, pocket bikes are allowed for people only above 12 years.  So, there are different rules and regulations of particular states you must comply with in order to ride your dream pocket bike legally.

Where can you buy a super pocket bike?

Whenever it comes to pocket bikes and mini bikes, there’s always one brand that is widely recognised and considered among pocket bike fans— Venom MotorSports, a recognised manufacturer of the best bikes around the globe.

Venom MotorSports has been an industry leader in offering the best and most effective Super Pocket Bike range worldwide. We have a large variety and range to choose from at the most affordable rates in the market. We promote flexible dealings with efficient financing, shipping, and troubleshooting solutions that will make your purchasing experience sublime! 

To book one of your dream super pocket bikes, contact us today!

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