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Are Motorcycles Street Legal?

Are Motorcycles Street Legal?

The world of motor vehicles has become very broad, and now motor vehicles buff has lots of options. Gone are those days when standard sized motorcycles and cars were the only options for riders.

Although there are now many options for speed and adventure lovers but the one motor vehicle that stands out from the crowd are mini motorcycles or pocket bikes. These miniature motorcycles have now become a new normal for most of the bike lovers and can be seen in every motor vehicle shop. So let’s get familiar with the world of mini motorcycles street legal and understands its various aspects in the modern-day world.

What are mini motorcycles?

Mini motorcycles are basically miniature versions of the standard sized motorcycles. They become popular through the racing events that were televised all around the world. People liked the way these miniature motorcycles looked, and soon, it moved from racing pits to a part of the mainstream culture. The average height of street-legal mini chopper is 2 feet and its average weight is 40 pounds. There are basically two categories of pocket bikes; gas pocket bike and electric pocket bike.

Are small street motorcycles Legal to Ride Where You Live?

One of the main concerns of first time pocket bike buyers is whether they can ride their pocket bikes on the street or not. Well, there is no single answer to this question as every state has its own rules and regulations when it comes to the legality of pocket bikes on the streets. There are many states where it is legal to ride pocket bikes on streets, highways or trails. But in some states, you cannot ride your pocket bike on privately owned lands like a designated outdoor field. Some states like Texas and California don’t allow pocket bike owners to ride their miniature motorcycles on privately owned lands.

Other states allow pocket bikes on the street but impose strict rules and regulations for it. Like in New Jersey, you need to at least 12 years old in order to ride a pocket bike on the streets. This is why understanding whether you can ride your pocket bike in the area you live is a bit complicated.

If you are looking forward to know the status of street legality of your pocket bikes in your state, then check with your Department of Motor Vehicles. This will help you know whether the registration of pocket bikes is permitted or not. If the DMV of your state doesn’t allow pocket bike registration, then it means that you are not allowed to ride your pocket bikes on the road.

Dangers of Mini Motorcycle

As discussed above, you cannot ride pocket bikes on the streets in every state, as different states have different rules and regulations. But still, there are many people who will take their pocket bikes on roads and highways, regardless of the law say. All the riders that don’t consider the state law while riding their pocket bikes on roads and highways must know that other drivers will surely have problems with your pocket bike, especially if pocket bikes are not street legal in their state. The main reason why other drivers will have a problem with your pocket bike is because of its miniature form and high speed.

Even if pocket bikes are miniature motorcycles, they still present many hazards similar to standard sized motorcycles like a head injury or spinal injury. This is why it becomes necessary for pocket bike riders to wear high quality helmets. You should always use those helmets that have been approved by the Department of Transportation.

Is your small street motorcycle Legal?

Since different states have different rules and regulations, there is no single answer to whether your pocket bike is street legal or not. If you have doubts regarding the street legality of your pocket bike, then you can contact an attorney and have peace of mind. You can also go for an initial legal evaluation of your pocket bike in order to know whether you can take it on the road or highways or not.

Riding a pocket bike surely offers an adrenaline rush and lots of fun, but knowing the rules and regulations regarding your pocket bike in your state is very necessary. If you take your street legal mini chopper without knowing the laws, then you can get yourself in big trouble.

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