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Are You An ATV Enthusiast? Never Forget These Safety Precautions

Are You An ATV Enthusiast? Never Forget These Safety Precautions

Since its inception, motorcycles have been evolving. We have many more categories of bikes and motorcycles than ever. One of the most discussed groups of bikes is Pocket Bikes which has ATVs, mini quads, dirt bikes, and other such bikes.

Pocket Bikes are small-scale versions of their original counterparts. They have lower seat height, low fuel capacity, age, and weight restrictions, and many such others. Yet, pocket mines are very popular among kids, teens, and adults. As a matter of fact, there are independent racing events organized for them. One of such popular categories is All-Terrain Vehicles (ATVs).

Understanding The Popularity Of ATVs

All-Terrain Vehicles are very popular among kids, teens, and adults. They serve as multipurpose utility vehicles for different households and industries. In its early days, amphibious ATVs were used in the military. ATVs are nowadays are used beyond racing and entertainment purposes!

ATVs are replacing cars and other four-wheelers being used for camping and hunting. They are even used in the agricultural field to navigate between large farms, irrigation, plowing, and such others. Looking at the versatility of ATVs, its popularity is a no brainer.

Safety Tips For ATV Riders

ATVs are immensely popular and this is why it is important that you should take enough safety precautions to avoid any accidents or mishappenings. Here are a few safety tips for ATV riders.

  • Is Your ATV Street Legal?

  • Checking for street legality of your All-Terrain Vehicles is merely a precaution yet necessary. One of the reasons for the popularity of pocket bikes is because they have been in debates and news questioning their legality. The same goes for your ATV.

    Make sure to contact your local DMV about the stretch of the area where you can operate your ATV in. In most of the states, you can operate your ATV within the boundaries of private property and a few other places.

  • Always Wear Protective Gear
  • There have been many accident cases involving ATVs when the situation turned fatal because the rider wasn’t wearing any protective gear such as bike helmet.

    Starting with, always wear a helmet approved by the Department of Transport (DOT). Riding off-road can get dirty and this is why always wear eye protection when riding your electric or gas-powered ATV. Wear gloves, boots, full sleeves shirts, and pants!

  • Choose The Right ATV
  • This is one of the important parts of safety tips for ATV riders. As mentioned, ATVs are available for kids, teens, and adults. Choosing the right one that suits your needs is very important.

    Decide what you want an ATV for. Choose the engine strength you want to go with. If you are purchasing for your kid, it is advised to go with electric mini ATVs which have a lower average speed than gas-fueled ones. Choose an ATV which suits you with the right seat height, apt highest speed, and after considering such other relevant factors.

  • Check Before Riding

  • ALWAYS inspect your ATV before going for a ride.

    Boarding a damaged ATV could be dangerous. A quick inspection before every ride can save you from any possible harm. There are a few things that you must check before riding such as tires, current fuel level, and break paddles. These small precautions will cut the probability of accidents by half.

    Besides these, there are many other things you should check before boarding your ATV. Check the chain, engine oil, steering, and grips of your ATV.  

  • Avoid Paved Roads

  • People misunderstand that All-Terrain Vehicles (ATVs) are perfectly safe for every location.

    ATVs have low-weighted tires and thus, become a bit dangerous to ride on paved roads. ATVs are more vulnerable to road accidents than other vehicles. Besides, they are not street-legal in most of the states.

    There are many such safety precautions you should take as an ATV driver. There have been many accident cases involving ATVs due to rage riding and ignorance.

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