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Automobiles Being A Source Of Infection.

Automobiles Being A Source Of Infection.

Corona Virus has been in the news for months now, and we have equally learned that this novel virus can stay on materials for up to 12 hours to up to 3 days - This means that you being near things per se automobiles and touching them is not safe especially when they are parked out on the road, exposed to dust and dirt. 

One of the many ways to combat the spread of COVID-19 is to ensure conventional hygiene practices. Washing one's hands thoroughly and sanitizing the surroundings is the key to avoid spreading the virus and ceasing it. Disinfecting high-touch surfaces within your home premises as well as in your vehicle is one of the bonafide ways to defend against spreading the coronavirus. If your kids have personal vehicles like the 150cc Super pocket bike, it can potentially be the source of the spread of viruses. Surfaces like door handles, steering wheel, and others must be adequately cleaned and disinfected. In two-wheelers, gear and brake pedals, indicators and display should also be cleaned, most probably with an alcohol-based sanitizer.

Question of how to disinfect your super pocket bike arise here as pure and genuine products should be used for an effective cleaning process. Many of the same household ingredients and cleaners can also be used to clean your vehicle. According to the CDC, alcohol solutions that contain at least 65-70 percent of alcohol are genuinely effective against coronavirus. With the coronavirus spread, in a confined space, the risk of getting infected increases as well.

Protecting your Super Pocket Bike from COVID-19

As we know that the coronavirus stays for a much more extended period, especially on plastic and steel surfaces; keeping your super pocket bike becomes a priority too. The virus does not stand against high temperatures and could be killed at a temperature of 50 degrees Celsius or more.

  •  Using isopropyl alcohol on those surfaces that are touched the most, inside and outside the vehicle. However, the usage of hard agents and chemicals is discouraged as they could potentially ruin the vehicle. Excessive use of alcohol solutions on the steering wheel and gear knob could make them slippery, so ensure proper yet efficient cleaning of such surfaces.
  • If you own a bike or a scooter, it would be best if it is parked on the main stand, this ensures that all the liquid fluids are in the containers and in the right place, at a balanced level. As the vehicle would be kept parked for a long time, you must lubricate the parts of it, like a chain, suspension, clutch/brake, and others too.
  • Proper lubrication should be done twice in 10-12 days, doing so will ensure smoother functioning at the time when you take it out for a spin, and also increases the overall life of the vehicle.
  • However, the number one instruction would remain the same that if you don't sanitize your hands, you will automatically be hampering your vehicle's surfaces.

Considering A Credible Supplier When Buying A Bike

There lies some common factors and attributes to look for while considering the right supplier 

of bikes or its related products. A credible and efficient supplier shall take up the accountability of his products and quality-related issues and ensure 100 per cent customer satisfaction, thus building a lifelong relationship. Following are some advantages that you get while purchasing something from a well known and credible supplier:

  • Product quality
  • Price 
  • Availability and reliability
  • Product training and information

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