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Bike Ride Pre Checks!

Bike Ride Pre Checks!

Bike Ride Pre Checks!

Welcome to this week’s tech talk at Venom MotorSports!

New customers have asked me...Tim, what do I need to think about before I take my bike out for my first ride?

Today we are going to spend some time discussing mechanical and safety concerns to think about before you hit the road on your new bike.

Please click on our “PreRideChecks” video link below to view our video on checks that need to be completed every time before you ride.

Keep in mind that this information applies to all of our excellent bikes and ATVs!

Ok onto this week’s topic.

Tim...What sort of safety gear do I need?

Well safety is a very important concern for us at Venom Motorsports. You can never wear enough safety clothing in my opinion.

At a minimum level you must have a DOT certified helmet that fits well. I also recommend a full face shield to help prevent you from eating flying bugs while riding.

Always wise to get yourself a good pair of riding gloves to protect your hands and some excellent motorcycle boots for your feet.

I would prefer to see you riding with a motorcycle jacket and pants as well.

I often watch “youtube” videos with young people maxing out their pocket bikes without any safety gear on, dressed in a tee shirt and shorts. To me that is just scary.

If you have an accident and slide down the asphalt until you stop, well that is just like sliding on sandpaper and will leave you with a very bad cause of “road rash”. What will occur to your brain without any protection?

I really want you to think about these possibilities and enjoy our bikes sensibly.

Always, always, always, wear protective gear.

Bike safety clothing is like life insurance, you can never have enough!


Tim...What do you recommend for Pre Drive Checks?

The Ministry Of Transportation for Ontario Canada has come up with these guide lines to be followed before you ride. The reason for these guidelines is simple...bike are mechanical devices with nuts and bolts that shake with vibration and may become lose. We always want to ensure that everything is nice and tight and operating properly before we ride off.

Pre drive check Ministry of Transportation Ontario Canada

Motorcycles and mopeds require more attention and upkeep than cars, since the consequences of something going wrong are usually much more severe when on a motorcycle than while driving a car. You should always check the condition of the vehicle before you drive it. Here are the things you should check every time before you drive a motorcycle or moped:

The proper tires are important for good traction, mileage and safety. Check your tires for the following:

  • Pressure – Proper tire pressure means safer driving and longer-lasting tires. Use an air-pressure gauge to check the pressure when the tires are cold. If you do not know what your tire pressure should be, check the owner’s manual or with the manufacturer.
  • Tread – Worn or uneven tread can make the vehicle skid, particularly on wet pavement.
  • Damage – Check for cuts or nails stuck in the tread. Also, check for wear, bulges or cracking. A blowout on a motorcycle can be extremely dangerous.

Make sure all levers, pedals and switches are in good condition and operate properly. They should spring back to the original position when you let go.

Try the front and rear brakes one at a time. Make sure each one holds the motorcycle or moped when it is fully applied. It is especially important to test the brakes of a motorcycle or moped you are unfamiliar with or have never ridden before.

Check for loose bolts.

Check for kinks, binding or broken strands.

The headlight(s) must shine a white light. The rear or tail light(s) must be red. A white light must shine on the licence plate. Keep your lights clean and check that all are working before you drive away.

Fuel and oil 
Check levels.

Check springs.


Thanks for reading my blog this week and please subscribe to my tech videos on “youtube”.

This weeks pre-check video can be found by clicking here

Next week we will take a look at the Combustion Air System on your bike and as well discuss the importance of using good engine oil.

If you have any tech questions about our bikes, please feel free to email them to...


Enjoy the ride!


Technical Support Specialist

Venom Motorsports Canada



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