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Buy Grom Clone within a budget this Christmas

Buy Grom Clone within a budget this Christmas

The Grom is a fantastic bike. It has a powerful engine, capable enough for all your adventures. Plus, it has the looks that make eyes turn towards itself ever so often. But let’s face it, you would not find even a CBR250RR or MSX 125 for sale nearby. If you go out to look for a 125cc bike, thinking, “I’d find a Grom for sale near me”, sorry to burst the bubble but you would not. And even if you can find something, it would be way out of your budget.

We, at Venom Motorsports, understand that not everyone would be able to go and buy at Grom at their own whims. But everyone deserves to own a bike that they love. This is why we have listed several Grom clone bikes which can be yours at a very economical rate this Christmas.

Grom clone specs

Grom clones have excellent specifications and are fitted with top of the class engines. Just like any 125cc bike, like CBR250RR, or MSX125, our bikes are also equipped with 125cc engines and offer fuel efficiency. They look exactly like the Grom models and have 4 speed manual transmission gears, with a digital speedometer. Other specs include storage compartments, gas tank lock, side view mirrors, LED lights, 12” rims, disc brakes, electric start, etc.

Check for different buying options

As there are various options and models available for everyone, you are bound to find one that fits your requirements and your budgets. We have models available in different sizes, horsepower, and a variety of other features. Even though the 125cc clones are the bestsellers, there are plenty of options available. There are also 50cc bikes, which makes for a great first experience for kids.

Brand new vs second-hand

At Venom Motorsports, we have Grom clones which are offered at a fraction of the original bike. This is because we have our own brand and work in-house. It ensures accountability and legitimacy. Plus, with the service and warranty offered, you have nothing to worry about. At a fraction of the price, you get basically the same bike, but better, because our prices would allow you to modify and invest a little bit more in customizing it.

When you can get such quality this cheap, why even think about getting a second-hand bike?

After knowing the specs of our bikes, would you really even want to think, “Is there a place where Grom is for sale, near me?”.

Look out for sale

You can be on the lookout for any clones, a clone of CBR250RR, or MSX 125, among others, and you’d find it all during our sale. With offers like free doorstep delivery and the option to pay later, you can virtually own these bikes in no time. During our sale, the prices are further slashed, where we offer discounts over 30% on some of our offerings. Moreover, you get your bike fully assembled, which means that you do not have to go through any hassles by yourself in assembling even the mirrors. We prioritize service and assure quality to all our customers.

Consider buying during the festive season

The festive season is really the best time to buy new things. There are several reasons for that, but the top one is that there are discounts offered everywhere. There is an environment of cheer and joy all around which is moves you to shop and indulge in the holiday spirit.

What’s more, is that your purchases during the festive season can make for great gifts as well. When you purchase a Venom bike, you can enjoy riding together or your entire family. The comprehensive collection that we offer has something for everyone.

Spend wisely

Getting a bike is something which even though may just seem adventurous and fun, but is a commitment as well. Since you are to shell out over a thousand dollars, we advise you to do your research. Reach out to us in case you have any concerns or queries. Stop looking for a “Grom for sale near me” and save thousands by shopping with us.


Whether it be any brand new Grom clone, the range of bikes that we offer is surely worth a buy. When you buy a bike from us, you get a product and service, which is totally worth the money you spend. So don’t waste more time thinking anymore, log onto our website, and bring in some adventure into your home today!

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