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Buying a scooter for the first time?

Buying a scooter for the first time?

Things to look for

If you have never owned a two-wheeler before and if you are entirely new to driving a two-wheeler, then you have come to the right place. As a beginner to two-wheelers, scooters are the perfect choice because of many reasons, but buying the right type of scooter can be challenging for you as you are not aware of the things to look for. Well, all your queries regarding choosing a scooter as your first ride and things to look for while buying a scooter will be solved in this blog post.



Why is a scooter the right choice for first-time riders?

One of the main reasons why scooters are the best choice for first-time riders is they are not powerful, and thus minimizes your chances of getting into a serious accident. Too much power can make handling the ride quite tricky, but that is not the case with scooters. In addition to this, the agile nature of scooters, along with its unique feature of being lightweight makes it very easy to learn how to control the vehicle.

Things to look for when buying a scooter:-

  • Brakes

One of the first things to look for while buying your first scooter is the brakes. You should know that there is no availability of any type of gears in scooters that can offer you aggressive breaking. When you start your scooter and take it to high speed, then the only way to stop your scooter is to grab the brake levers. This is why during the test ride, you will need to make sure that the brakes have enough power, and you can maintain the stability while using the brake in panic situations.

  • Wheels

You will also need to go through the wheels of your scooter to ensure that you are making the right decision. On one side, the alloy wheels are very light, and makes it easy to control the scooter while on the other side, the one made out of steel are powerful, and they enhance the handling characteristics along with the economy. You will also need to make sure that your scooter has tubeless tires because they are more resistant to puncture.

  • Storage Space

It would help if you chose a scooter that has ample storage space. It is very much easy to overlook the storage space while buying a scooter as there are many other things to look for. But ample storage space can be great if you are planning for a weekend plan out of the city. You can check out the amazing 50cc scooter for sale as they have a massive storage space.

  • Mileage

Knowing what you are going to use the scooter for is also necessary. You will have to decide whether you are going to use it from home to work or as a secondary pair of legs for everything. This will help you decide which type of mileage you need from your scooter. It is very much necessary to know whether the scooter delivers the mileage it promises or not; otherwise, your purpose of buying the scooter will not be served.

  • Insurance

You should know that the State Law requires the scooter to be insured for use on public roads, and that’s why you will need to consider even the insurance of your scooter if you are buying it for the first time. In most of the cases, scooters fall under the motorcycle policy, but companies can easily rate scooters individually. Full coverage scooter insurance will cost you around $250 to $400 per year.

  • Additional features

There are some additional parts and features that come along with a scooter like rear view mirrors, side stand, number plate, scooter cover, and you will need to look for these things as well while buying your first 150cc scooter for sale.

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