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Use These Tips To Enhance The Performance Of Your Pocket Bike

Use These Tips To Enhance The Performance Of Your Pocket Bike

Bikes have evolved a lot over the years. The average speed of bikes has increased considerably. We have bikes with greater engine strength, better acceleration (speed pickups), better designs, and much more. Pocket Bikes are one of the innovations that have grown quite popular among people of all ages.

Pocket Bikes are 3/4th scaled down versions of their original counterparts(normal sized bikes). With an average seat height of 27 inches, pocket bikes are used as a perfect way of introducing the thrill of riding among teens and kids.

Even professional biker like Valentino Rossi admit discovering their passion for riding bikes through Pocket Bikes. Though unintentional, parents use pocket bikes to prepare their kids for their license when they turn of age. But, what’s the story? Where did it all start?

The Story Of Pocket Bikes

Now if you really look into the beginning of it, no one could have predicted that a harmless competition would lead to the invention of pocket bikes that would become so popular across generations, worldwide. In the 1930s, Cushman made the first auto-glide scooters that were manufactured to be used in farms, industries, etc. to move stuff.

The Doodle Bug Scooter was manufactured by a company named Beam Manufacturing Of Webster City to compete against Cushman scooters. The Doodle Bug was a compact scooter with smaller wheels and overall size. Over 40,000 of these scooters were built in the period of 1946-48.

Today, after almost 90 years of the first scooter’s invention we have different forms of bikes beside the normal ones - dirt bikes, super pocket bikes, ATVs, and many more. There are stores with large inventories of pocket bikes and are Honda motorcycle dealers reputed for selling durable minibikes. As for normal bikes, you can also boost the performance of your pocket bikes and increase their durability through easy steps.

Performance Enhancement Plans Of Pocket Bikes

  • Consistent Maintenance

  • Pocket Bikes are machines and, as with any other machine, maintenance is mandatory to ensure their smooth functioning. In order to cut manufacturing costs of pocket bikes, many companies don’t provide headlights, turn lights, horns, and use low-quality materials for brakes, clutches, etc.

    This is why make sure to browse through brakes and make sure that it is in a healthy condition before you take it out for a spin. Not just brakes, make sure clutches, gear, and others are in good condition at regular intervals.

  • Engine Oil

  • The engine of your pocket bike is crucial for its sleek functioning. Make sure that you use high-quality engine oil to ensure it does wear out easily. A good engine makes your pocket bike durable and ensures its smooth functioning.

    There are online motorcycle stores which offer superbikes for sale and a special discount for their first-time users. Venom Motorsports offers $50 discount for its first-time buyers.

  • Upgrade Options

  • If you are not satisfied with the performance of your pocket bike, you have upgrade options that can help your boost its overall performance.

    You can choose exhaust upgrades, fuel upgrades, gear upgrade, clutch upgrades, and others to not only boost the speed but improve your overall control. Upgrades are built for bikes with stronger specifications and, this ensures that you get a smooth riding experience, every time.

  • Racing Superbikes

  • If you own a racing pocket superbike, it is obvious that it will need extra care and maintenance. Make sure get your bike checked before and after each race. Even in a case of minor problems, take your pocket bike to a mechanic before using it in a race.

    There are many such tips that can help you to ensure an uninterrupted and smooth experience of pocket bikes. All of these been said, make sure to follow all the traffic rules when driving. Make sure to check the legality of your pocket bikes before driving on public roads.

    Venom Motorsports has one of the largest inventories of Pocket Bikes. We have pocket bikes, superbikes, dirt bikes, ATVs, and much more. Order your favorite pocket bike from our collection right now! Can’t find what you are looking for? Call at  1-855-984-1612 or fill this form to contact us today.

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