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How Fast Is a 110cc Pocket Bike?

How Fast Is a 110cc Pocket Bike?

Are you a dedicated bike rider? 

If yes, then, you must want your kids to share your passion so you can spend some quality time with them on a compact bike. 

However, being a parent, you always worry about the safety and health of your children. Therefore, you must want to buy a highly safe and secure bike for your kids. According to Venom Motorsports experts, it is ideal to buy a 110cc pocket bike for kids. 

This bike is a miniature-sized motorcycle with an average of 49 inches long and 18 inches tall. Usually, these bikes have a gas-powered engine that offers a moderate speed. You might be able to grip your 110cc pocket bike under your armpit, but when you take it on the road, it is a powerful monster that your slightly older kids can enjoy. 

Nowadays, you can find different types and styles of pocket bikes containing numerous features such as rear disc brakes, lightweight aluminum alloy cast perimeter frames, racing tires, and swing arms.

If you are looking for a pocket bike for your teenagers or adult children, 110cc is the perfect combination of power and safety. However, some specific details about the bike are briefly discussed ahead. 

Specifications of 110cc pocket bikes

The 110cc pocket bike specification might vary from brand to brand. But, some of the basic general specifications are:

Average speed: If you buy a 110cc pocket bike, it doesn’t mean that you will get full speed. No, average 110cc bikes offer up to 70+ mph speed. It is a moderate speed to ride a pocket bike on a busy street or bumpy road. However, to take this bike on the road, you will be required to obtain a license and other documents as per your local traffic law. Overall, it is a good bike for a mediocre biker. 

Engine type: Engine type variation in pocket bikes is the main highlight point for riders. Whether you are a professional biker or a learner, you can find multiple options for you. For example, for young kids and newbies, a 50cc pocket bike is a good option. Similarly, for slightly experienced riders, a 110cc pocket bike and for professionals, a 500cc pocket is a nice option. So, based on your experience level, you can pick the pocket bike engine type. 

Can a pocket bike be used for racing?

Yes, pocket bike racing is an internationally recognized sport called MiniMoto. Both adults and youth participate in pocket racing tournaments. Many notable MotoGP racers and champions have participated in the first pocket bike race, including Valentino Rossi, Nobuatsu Aoki, Loris Capirossi, and Daijiro Kato.

MiniMoto originated in Japan in the 1960s. In the 1970s, it was recognized as a sport, and by the 1980s, it was spread across Italy and Europe by the 1990s. However, pocket bike racing came back into the mainstream somewhere around the 2000s when North America became the home of minibike manufacturing. 

Today, anyone can participate in MiniMoto and show his or her bike riding talent to the cheerful crowd. 

How safe are pocket bikes?

Many people believe that riding a bike is very risky and unsafe, which is completely untrue. For automobiles, only 31% of crashes result in injuries and 0.29% in fatalities. That means if you follow all the safety guidelines to the dot, you can safely ride pocket bikes. Some of the vital road safety tips to follow while riding pocket bikes are:

Safety Gadgets: Your safety is in your own hands. If you wear all the essential bike riding safety gear, you can effortlessly save yourself from a fatal accident. Therefore, while taking your pocket bike on the road, do wear a helmet, knee pads, elbow pads, leather jackets, gloves, and other safety gears. 

Maintain Speed Limit: If you over-speed or under-speed your bike on a busy road, you are inviting an accident. Always maintain the standard speed limit even when you are driving your bike on an empty road.

Follow Traffic Laws: In many countries, pocket bikes aren’t still street legal. But, many bike enthusiastic nations have street-legal pocket bikes under some restrictions. Thus, you need to check your local traffic laws before riding pocket bikes. 

In short, if you are following all the road safety protocols, riding a pocket bike is pretty much safe. 

Are you excited to buy a 110cc pocket bike and race with your kids? Then, you can stop by the Venom Motorsports online store and buy your bike. There are plenty of different engine types, speed, style, and feature-packed dirt bikes available on our website. So, go online and buy your bike!

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