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How Fast Is a 50cc Pocket Bike?

How Fast Is a 50cc Pocket Bike?

Pocket bikes or also called e-bikes are one of the fastest-growing industries right now. It is projected by an e-bike market report that a CAGR of 11.86% can be expected in bike manufacturing between the financial year 2021 to 2026. 

Today, the market is buzzing with numerous different types of bikes based on their engine design. Among all the power bikes, the 50cc pocket bike has gained a special position. It is the most fun and convenient ride that you can order from the Venom Motorsports website anytime. 

The 50cc pocket bike is a highly affordable and exciting way to enjoy a real bike riding experience. Moreover, 50cc dirt bikes are street-legal in many countries, and you can even ride them without a license. 

So, if you are excited to order your 50cc bike, let’s first understand how fast a bike can go for you. 

What is the average speed of a 50cc pocket bike?

The speed of a 50cc pocket bike depends upon the brand of your bike. Some brands offer more speed and some less. But, if we averagely talk, you can receive speeds between 25 to 40 miles per hour. 

These bikes are designed for kids and new riders who are learning to ride bikes. Therefore, they have less power than many other pocket bikes. Moreover, parents can even further reduce down speed by adjusting the bike's throttle limiter. 

Since 50cc bikes aren’t very powerful, this is the reason why they are street legal in many countries. In some areas, young adults and kids can even ride them without a license. So, they offer limited speed and unlimited fun. 

Are pocket bikes economical?

Once again, the price of a 50cc pocket bike depends upon the brand, fuel, power, and extra features. There are multiple other personal factors that can determine the cost of a bike. Overall, you can easily buy economical bikes under your budget. You can explore 50cc dirt bikes on our website to understand price variation better. 

Moreover, if you order pocket bikes from sales or second bikes, you can further make them economical. If you order a pocket bike from our online store, you can find a 0% financing option to easily buy your favorite bike. 

Why should you buy a pocket bike?

If you are considering buying a pocket bike for yourself or your kids, you should definitely buy one because:

Control Air Pollution: If you get an electric bike, you can dramatically reduce your carbon footprints. Today, when the problem of excessive carbon emission is polluting the air at an alarming rate, it can be a great move to get a pocket bike. 

Comfortable Ride: The pocket bikes are manufactured very carefully after considering riders' comfort factors. Moreover, 50cc bikes have moderate speed, which makes them a safe and comfortable ride. 

Stylish Bike: Style is something that you will find in all pocket bikes. Automobile engineers and designers have spent a good time crafting the intuitive layout of these bikes. 

Economical Bike: As we have already mentioned that pocket bikes are highly affordable. Based on your requirements and bike features, you can easily order a brand new dirt bike under your budget. 

What are some general specifications?

Every pocket bike brand has added special features and specifications to their machine to attract customers. But, if we discuss some general 50cc pocket bike features, they are like:

  • Pocket bikes have different sizes of engines like 50cc, 110cc, 150cc, and so on. The engine size directly determines the speed of the bike. 
  • Modern bikes have automatic electric start systems that can start your bike with one button press. 
  • Nowadays, pocket bikes are available under different fuel systems like petrol, gas, and electric. 
  • The oil tank capacity depends upon the engine size. 
  • Dirt bikes have both front and rear suspensions. 
  • For safe riding, pocket bikes have special LED turn lights and highlights. You can easily ride bikes in the dark. 

The 50cc pocket bike is a moderate-speed ride that can be enjoyed by both young and adult riders. Without any trouble, you can order a variety of pocket bikes from Venom Motorsports online store and start riding your bike right away. For detailed information about 50cc dirt bikes, visit our website today!

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