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Know The Difference Between Pocket Bikes and Super Pocket Bikes

Know The Difference Between Pocket Bikes and Super Pocket Bikes

Pocket bikes have become a new normal for both parents and kids. These appealing bikes are actually miniature forms of standard-sized motorcycles and are usually used by kids for fun and entertainment. But you should know that these stylish looking pocket bikes are also used by many adults for getting used to driving before getting on a standard sized motorcycle. Pocket bikes easily fit in the limited budget and it offers the same experience of driving a standard sized motorcycle. But one of the biggest dilemmas for first time buyers is the choice between pocket bikes and super pocket bikes for kids.

Well, when you will begin your hunt for pocket bikes in the market then you will be provided with two options; pocket bikes and 150cc super pocket bike. If you want to choose the best bikes then it’s important to know the difference between these two options of pocket bikes and that’s what we are going to do in this blog post.


  • Engine

The size of the engine is one of the most important differences between a pocket bike and a super pocket bike. The engine of a normal pocket mostly ranges between 50cc to 100cc and it generally comes with 2-stroke. But the engine of super pocket bike for sale is quite bigger in comparison to a pocket bike and their range usually starts from 150cc. If you buy a 150cc super pocket bike then it will mostly run on 4 stroke engine. So, you can easily differentiate a pocket bike from a 150cc super pocket bike on the basis of the engine used in the bike.

  • Top speed and acceleration

You can also differentiate both the mini bikes on the basis of their top speed and acceleration. Since the mini bikes have 2 stroke engine, they provide more torque and that’s why they can provide better acceleration in comparison to super mini bikes. There is no denial in the fact that the larger 4 stroke engine of super pocket bikes for sale loses out in the test of acceleration but when it comes to top speed then super mini bikes are surely way ahead. So, in terms of acceleration, mini bikes are the clear winner but in the game of speed, super pocket bike for sale is on the top.

  • Maneuverability

Another important factor on the basis of which you can differentiate between these two famous options of mini bikes is maneuverability. With bigger engine and bigger parts, super pocket bikes for kids are surely much heavier and also a bit bigger in comparison to the pocket bikes and that’s why pocket bike leads the race of maneuverability. But the difference in size between both these bikes is not much and you might not even be able to notice it at first instant. If you are looking for mini bike for racing purpose then you should always go with pocket bikes only as they are easy to move and are better at turning on the challenging racing tracks.

  • Additional features

As discussed above, pocket bikes are meant for racing purposes and that’s why you will not find the normal additional features that come along with a bike like tail lights, horns, headlights and much more. But the 150cc super pocket bike comes equipped with all the additional feature that you may need in order to ride the bike on road (only if it is street legal). If you are looking for complete safety then you should always go with super pocket bikes for kids and especially if they are using the bike on the road but if your kid is using it on sideways or only special tracks then you can surely go for pocket bikes.

If you are going to buy a pocket bike for your kid or for yourself, it is very necessary to understand the basic difference between super pocket bike and pocket bike. There is nothing like the best type of mini bike or which one is a better option between these two options of mini bike as the choice depends on your specific needs and requirements. Go through the above mentioned differences and make the right choice.

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