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Common Misconceptions Regarding the Electric ATV You Can Steer Clear Of!

Common Misconceptions Regarding the Electric ATV You Can Steer Clear Of!

At Venom, we love out ATVs and we want you to steer clear of any misconceptions that are stopping you from getting your own ATV!

Misconception #1

They're Noisy

A common misconception in regards to owning an electric mini ATV is their extremely noisy, which is simply not true. Just because an electric mini ATV is comprised of a motor doesn't necessarily mean it's going to be loud and clunky. Electric ATV for adults, such as the Quad VTT use 1500W 48V is equipped with a 1500W brushless motor, which means it's extremely quiet.

The best part of owning an electric mini ATV is they only take approximately 2 to 3 hours to fully charge; there are also many different options to choose from. These types of mini ATVs are great gifts for teens and children over the age of 12. They're also are great riding in the summer and because of their ultra-quiet electric engine, there great for game hunting.

Misconception #2

Too Heavy

Many people believe that electric; ATVs are extremely heavy, which simply isn't sure. Well, of course, you can't expect it to be the same weight as a bicycle, but they're equipped with a lighter body and an electric motor which makes them much lighter and easier to handle than the standard gas-powered ATV.

A gas-powered ATV will typically weigh at least 350 lbs, but heavier utility models can weigh between 500 to 700 lbs. Electric ATV's such as the Xtremepower Electric Titan and the Razor 500 DLX weigh significantly less, the Xtremepower Titan weighs a little less than 110 lbs and the Razor 500 DLX weighs just over 100 lbs, both of which have a maximum weight limit of 220 lbs and are best equipped for children and teenagers. If you're looking for electric ATV for adults, there's the 2019 Venom 1500W Brushless 48V Electric ATV, which can handle upwards of 500 lbs and weighs a little over 200 lbs. It features a 1500W rear shaft drive electric motor, which guarantees more power and improved handling.

Misconception #3

Difficult to Operate

Contrary to popular belief electric, ATVs are relatively easy to operate, which is why they make a great gift for teenagers, they also are able to handle extremely well. Many people tend to believe that electric, ATVs are extremely complicated, but they're actually relatively simple and equipped with front drum brakes, providing smooth braking.

They're also equipped with a rear hydraulic braking system and front and rear racks, providing a smooth off-roading experience. There also equipped with an attached LED display that displays essential information such as, battery level indicator, digital speedometer, tachometer gauge, and low voltage alarm, which is extremely easy to read and equipped with an LCD backlight providing optimal visibility.

Misconception #4

The Batteries are Dangerous and Expensive

Often people have reservations when it comes to owning an electric-powered vehicle, which is primarily because of the fact that many people tend to believe that batteries are dangerous and can catch fire, but contrary to popular belief, electric ATV is just as safe if not safer than gas-powered ATV.

A lithium-Ion battery can rupture if overheated or overcharged, which in extreme conditions can result in combustion, but this is just as likely as the lithium batteries inside your laptop or cell phone combusting. There have been fewer than 10 incidents where electric vehicles have caught fire, but in regards to combustion vehicles, there are more than 30 vehicle fires every hour.

Typical electric ATV for adults that use a 40V battery will usually take 6 hours to charge or 2 hours if you happen to have a dual-port charger. Typical lithium-ion batteries have 2 to 3-year lifespan before they need to be replaced, which will usually run you between 40 to $100. Many batteries will last as long as 6 years in a good environment, as long as they're properly maintained.

We hope the above list of misconceptions related to ATVs clear your doubts and you hold a clear judgment when planning to get your first ATV with us! Check out our online catalog or get in touch with us at our toll-free number 855-984-1612 to know your best options.

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