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The Best Kids Electric ATV VTT - 1000w Venom

The Best Kids Electric ATV VTT - 1000w Venom

The Best Electric Atv for Kids

If your in the market for a kids atv, you have come to the right place! Our electric atv stands out from all other electric quads out there. The fit and finish gives it a very aggressive look, it almost looks like its mad at you but at the same time about to give you the ride of your life! We love the 1000w motor, it gives the electric atv the power it needs. We put it up against a 500w version just to see the difference, oh man it was. The 500w lacks power, it almost feels like its there to do anything an atv shouldn't do. We found the 500w couldn't even go up hill or support a riders weight of over 85lb which was crazy because these atv's are great for up to ages of 12. Not only did it lack power from a smaller motor, but it also lacked battery life...the 500w versions have a ride time of 1hr which means it spends more time charing then actually riding

Why Choose The Venom ATV

This is the reason we backed ours with a 1000w Motor and 36V batteries....DOUBLE THE TORQUE & RIDE TIME!! Riders with a weight of 130lb can ride this atv without any issues and really use it for what an atv is supposed to be used for. Going uphill and off jumps is what this atv is made for, you have the power to do it with a comfortable suspension to handle it! It is also backed up with 3 12v batteries to make it a 36V with a ride time of 2-2.5hrs! Thats enough for a whole camping weekend with the kids!

The Most Options

The Venom 1000w atv comes with lots of options as well. It features a LED headlight, battery meter indication, front and rear disc brakes, REVERSE, horn, front and rear shocks, and matching rims to go with the colour!

So if your looking for the best kids electric atv the Venom is your best bet! Your kids will have the longest years with it as they can ride it until they are 12, and when they are finished with it, you can sell it locally and get good money for it because of its options!

The Best Warranty and Technical Support In The Market Today Online

As always our technical support team is standby 24/7 to respond to any technical problems or concerns you may encounter whenever you make any purchase at our online store. 

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