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The difference between the x19 and the x15 Super Pocket Bikes

The difference between the x19 and the x15 Super Pocket Bikes

Are the x15 and the x19 pocket rockets the same size?

The main difference between the x19 and the x18 is its size. The x19 seat height is almost 10 inches bigger then the x15. It sits on a bigger frame and the rims are bigger; the x15 has 8 inch rims where the x19 has 12 inch rims. The body are overall the same size, the drivers seat are the same size and they are both the same width. The x19 has a passenger seat where the x15 keeps it a little more sporty with one seat.

Is the x19 super pocket bike faster then the x15?

In terms of speed, the x19 comes with a 110cc engine and the x15 comes with a 90cc engine, making the x19 the fastest super pocket bike. Depending on the riders size, the x19 is about 10-15mph faster. In regards to the transmissions, the x15 will come only in a fully automatic meaning the bike will go through the gears and shift itself, the rider just hits the gas and brakes to stop and go. The x19 however has an option between two different types of transmissions. Firstly, it has a Semi-Automatic version....the best way to explain semi-auto is like having paddle shifters on a car....you still need to shift it just without a clutch. To shift it you let go of the gas, hit the next gear with your foot and then give it throttle again to keep going. The manual clutch option means you need to engage the clutch before shifting. Also taking off is more difficult as you need to balance the clutch and the gas to take off....like any manual vehicle out there. The fully automatic which the x15 has is a much easier ride, you just press throttle to go and brakes to stop, there is no way to stall the bike nor shift it incorrectly. The Semi-auto and the manual which are available only on the x19 are a harder ride but you have way more control. Shifting through the gears especially when you get good at it can give you an advantage in top end speed when racing. Also down shifting really helps with the braking and taking fast sharp corners. Being in 4th gear and down shifting to 3rd and then to 2nd not only feels amazing but sounds aggressive!!


Who are the x15 and x19 made for?

The x19 is street legal ready, meaning it can be registered in most US States. It meets the laws for the applicable seat height, top end speed, and options. The speedometer, signal lights, brake lights, headlights, and engine size make it ready to handle anything the main roads might bring!

The x15 is not street legal. Yes it does have a headlight, brake lights, and speedometer like the x19 but its size does not meet the requirements to be on the road. It more of a bike to have fun with in the neighborhoods and parks, or a bike to have as an addition in the man cave. Its great for kids to learn on typically ages 8 and up. The x15 pocket rocket is also great for teenagers who don't want a big motorcycle, but still want something to have power and fun with.

Most of our customers start off with the x15 for a few years before going on to the x19

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