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The x22 LED Headlight Upgrade

The x22 LED Headlight Upgrade

Welcome to this week’s tech talk at Venom Motor Sports!

In this edition of “Tim’s Tech Corner” we are going to chat about the headlights found on the x22 and a very cool LED headlight upgrade that is available.

Please take a minute to also watch my “headlight replacement video”. The video will show you how to replace your headlights on the x22.

Ok, onto the x22!

Tim...Why would an LED headlight be a better choice, than a standard incandescent headlight?

Simply put more light energy from my headlights for less power, almost sounds to good to be true!

Being a “Dad” I am constantly looking for ways to save energy costs in my home. Besides running around turning of lights when no one is in the room...I have replaced all of the incandescent light bulbs in my home with LED replacements.

LED lights use far less electrical power to produce far more light energy than a standard light bulb. For example a standard 60 Watt light bulb can be replaced with a 7 watt LED bulb that will actually produce more light energy or “Lumens” in the metric system.

How does this occur? Well, if you feel a typical light bulb it feels very hot when energized. LED bulbs do not feel hot at all. So they use all of the electrical energy to produce light not heat.

So LED bulbs are a great way to save electrical energy around your home. Good for the planet and adds green to your wallet by reducing utility bills.

Tim...What makes an LED light so good on my bike?

Typically, changing to LED headlights will give you at least twice the light energy and use half or less of the electrical energy that a standard incandescent bulb would use.

That is amazing!

You will appreciate being able to see more of the road when driving at night and your battery will be happy as more electrical charge is now available to keep it totally full at all times.

Win Win Win! There is no downside to switching over the headlights to LED’s.

Tim...What are the tech specs on the x22 lights?

The x22 came with two 35 watt “9003” type incandescent headlight bulbs. These bulbs have both normal and high beam lights built into them and will produce in the range of 1000 to 1400 Lumens of light energy.

The replacement LED headlight is also a “9003” type base with both low and high beam ability built in. The wattage you are looking for is 15 or 20 watts and these bulbs produce light energy in the range of 1800 to 4000 Lumens amazing!

So instead of using 70 Watts of electrical power...you now may only need to use 30 watts. Wow!

The additional 40 watts of power is now available to ensure that your battery is always totally charged. Nice side benefit.

Best part of all....you now have at last twice the light energy you use too at night.

Always nice to see more of the road!

Tim...How do I replace the light bulbs?

The headlight housing on your motorcycle is very similar to that found in your car. The headlight bulb is held in its housing by a retainer clip. Remove the clip and the bulb pops right out. That is the easy part, getting to the headlight housing takes a bit of work.

Just be patient and remove all of the top fasteners supporting the left and right fairings. This will allow you to access the hidden metal screws that hold the front face fairing in place.

Remove the mirrors and the whole front face will now move forward for you and you can easily reach the headlight. Remove the clip and replace the headlight. The new headlight will simply plug into the three prong female light receptacle.

It really is that easy!


If you have any tech questions about our vehicles, please feel free to email them to...


Check out our blog next week as we take an in depth look at the x21 EXPOSED!

Till then, Enjoy the ride!


Technical Support Specialist

Venom Motorsports Canada


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