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Quad or All-terrain vehicles have now become one of the most preferred off-road vehicles for both kids and adults. Most of the people came to know quads through the racing events which were organized on a large scale. Now, it has become an ultimate source of fun and is available in various shapes and sizes. But if you are going to ride your quad for the first time then there are some important things to check before hitting the local riding area and this is what we are going to address in this blog post.

Why should you buy a quad bike?

One of the best things about quad bikes is that you can use it on different types of terrains. Because of low pressure tire and handlebar design, it can be used on different types of terrain like rocky mountains, deserts and snowfields. You can carry your quad with you while going on a camping and riding the hills on your quad without any hassle. This is why people love quads. But in addition to this, many people buy quads specifically for racing events.

Checklist for a first-time quad owner:


One of the major mistakes most of the first time quad owners make is to hit the local riding area without understanding the lifeblood of motors; fluid. Engine failure because of low oil or coolant is very common and especially if someone is not aware of the fluids. In order to avoid such type of mishap, you will have to just take out the cap and check whether the differential fluids are at a proper level or not.

Tire pressure

Usually, first time quad owners never check the air in their tiers and these results into several kinds of difficulties like broken rim, poor handling, and snakebite flats. But you should know that riding your quad with too much tier in your tire can also cause problems. Follow the recommended PSI given by your manufacturer and keep checking the tire pressure for a smooth ride.

Lug nuts

The log nuts are situated on the wheels of your quads and during shipping, some of these nuts may loosen up. Riding a quad with loose log nuts can result in disaster. So, you just need to torque each log nut on the four wheels before riding your quad. If your quad has aluminium wheels then the nuts will loosen up more frequently and thatโ€™s why such quads need to be inspected more frequently.

Air filter

Air filters are the nostrils of your engine. If the air filter of your engine will get completely blocked then it will create havoc for the engine. In most of the quads, the factory filters are completely dry and therefore, you will need to grease the part of the filter that touches the airbox. This way, you can increase the durability of your engine as well.


You should never miss tightening your chain every time you ride your quad. But before tightening the chains, it is very necessary to go through the manual that comes along with the quad otherwise you might end up breaking the chain. In addition to this, you should use a chain lube for increasing the life of your chain.

How could you end up in trouble if you didnโ€™t check the aforementioned beforehand?

If you will not check the above-mentioned things in your quads then along with damaging the different parts of your quad and you will also hamper its lifespan. But one of the biggest risks that come along with an unchecked quad is accidents. For example, if you ride your quad with too much air in the tires, then it will bounce around uncontrollability. So, if you want your quad to thrive for many years then you should never miss checking the above mentioned parts.

Why buy from venom motorsports?

Venom Motorsports have a wide array of quads available in different shapes and sizes. Whether you are looking for a 100cc quad or 350cc quad, we have it all. All the quads sold by Venom motorsports comes with 6 months part replacement warranty which can be extended by paying a minimal amount of money. In addition to this, you will get free shipping to your doorstep as well. Other than quads, Venom motorsports also deal in x19 super pocket bike, choppers, go-karts, and street-legal motorcycle. So whether you are looking for super pocket bikes for sale or quads, you should always choose Venom motorsports without any second thought.

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