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Tips For The First Time Dirt Bike Rider

Tips For The First Time Dirt Bike Rider

Dirt bikes have come up as one of the most popular adventurous riding options. From racing events to a standard riding, dirt bikes have covered a long journey of transformation through many decades. Now, there are many people who own a dirt bike, and they take it to their local dirt bike tracks in order to have ultimate fun and adventure. But if you are a first-time dirt bike rider, then you have to be extra careful and learn some basic things about this fantastic ride. Just by mastering some of the basic dirt bike riding skills, you can enjoy the ride and make your visit to dirt bike tracks more enjoyable.



What makes dirt bike riding different?

The fun, adventure, thrill, and stunts offered by dirt bikes can’t be matched with anything else, and that’s why dirt bikes are so different from other vehicles. Dirt bikes are lighter and smaller in shape in comparison to normal bikes, and that’s why they are perfect for rough terrains as it is easy to control them. The lightweight of dirt bikes also unlocks many stunts and tricks that are not possible with a normal motorcycle.


  • Practice Acceleration

You need to start with practicing your acceleration on dirt bikes as it will provide you proper control and will also keep you alert. Start with smooth acceleration and then move on to acceleration by slowly twisting away from the rider. You should know that you can also use the throttle in order to slow down the dirt bike instead of directly using the brakes. Hop on to your dirt bike and try to make a perfect eight. During this simple practice session, you will learn many things about acceleration. You will also need to ride over small obstacles in order to get familiar with throttle control.

  • Learn how to handle the brakes

Mastering the art of increasing speed as your learning progresses is surely a reward, but you should know that only gaining the power of speeding up is not enough as you will also need to master how to control that power of speeding up with breaks as well. The front-wheel brakes are located at the right-hand grip on the handlebars, and the back tire brake lever that is controlled by your foot is located below the right footpeg. You will always need to trust your front brakes if you are on track.

  • Practice movement on the bike

Mastering the movement on dirt bikes is also very necessary as it will give you proper control over the bike and allow you to sit in the right position. A newbie to dirt bike riding can sit on the bike with both his feet placed on the ground. You will also need always to keep your elbows high and square it with your wrists that are gripping the handlebars. After that, you will need to start the acceleration, and as your dirt bikes start moving, take off your feet away from the ground, but only when you are in a properly balanced position.

  • Practice gearing

You should know that choosing the right gear is easy in comparison to clutching through those gears. The most challenging part about practicing gear is to start off your dirt bike in the first gear. You can train yourself to master the art of controlling gears with your feet planted on the ground, pulling the clutch in, and choosing the first gear.

  • Invest in the right dirt bike riding gear

This is not a tip but an obvious thing that you will need to do if you are going to ride a dirt bike. You will need to invest in a proper dirt bike gear that will include a helmet, gloves, knee pads, chest pads, elbow pads, shoes, and glasses. Proper gear will keep you protected and allow you to enjoy your ride without any worries.

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